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Please prepare a 1-minute comic monologue of your choice, as well as memorizing the director selected monologue(s) for the character(s) for which you are auditioning. Director selected monologues are available for download on our website by clicking on the audition resources link above.

All auditioners will also be asked to stay and read from the script with other auditioners.

Please note that while many people are familiar with the 1985 film, we are hoping actors will bring their own interpretation to the CLUE characters, and not replicate the film performances.

If you are unable to make all the performances, mandatory tech week (October 30-November 3, 2022) or midweek rehearsals (November 9 & 16, 2022), we will be unable to cast you in this show. Rehearsals will begin Wednesday, September 7 and run Sundays (6-9), Mondays (7-10) and Wednesdays (7-10).

The Warner Stage Company is a regional community theatre company and does not offer compensation or housing for performers.


Auditions are open to the community. Actors of all ethnicities and gender identities are encouraged to audition and all roles are available. Actors are required to be at least 18 years old at the time of auditions. Additionally, roles may be cast without callbacks.


WADSWORTH (Male) A traditional British butler in every sense: uptight, formal and “by the book.” He is the driving force in the play.

YVETTE (Female) A sexy, French Maid, with her own secret aspirations.

MISS SCARLET (Female) A dry, sardonic D.C. Madam who is more interested in secrets than sex.

MRS. PEACOCK (Female). The church-going wife of a Senator. A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria.

MRS. WHITE (Female). A pale, morbid, and tragic woman. Mrs. White may or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands.

COLONEL MUSTARD (Male) A puffy, pompous, dense, blow-hard of a military man.

PROFESSOR PLUM (Male) An academic Casanova who woos women with his big … brain.

MR. GREEN (Male) A timid, yet officious, rule follower. He’s a bit of a klutz and awfully anxious.

THE COOK – A gruff woman with a threatening presence (Alive and Dead)
SINGING TELEGRAM GIRL – A tap dancer with a heart of gold (Alive and Dead)
AUXILIARY SCARLET – The back of Miss Scarlet during a scene of theatrical trickery.
BACKUP COP – backup for the Chief in the very final Cop entrance

MR. BODDY – A slick, Frank Sinatra, film noir-esque type fella (Alive and Dead)
THE MOTORIST – A professional driver (Alive and Dead)
CHIEF OF POLICE – A cop who helps save the day

THE UNEXPECTED COP – A regular Joe (Alive and Dead)
BACKUP COP – Backup for the Chief


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