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Ren McCormack (Tenor; D3-C5) – A teenager from Chicago

Ethel McCormack (Mezzo-soprano; Ab3-D5) – His mother

Reverend Shaw Moore (Baritone; G2-F#4) – The minister of Bomont

Vi Moore (Mezzo-soprano; Ab3-D5) – His wife

Ariel Moore (Mezzo/pop mix/belt; G3-Eb5) – Their teenage daughter

Lulu Warnicker (Ensemble singing) – Ren’s aunt

Wes Warnicker (Ensemble singing) – Ren’s uncle

Coach Dunbar (Ensemble singing) – The gym teacher

Eleanor Dunbar (Ensemble singing) – His wife

Rusty (Soprano/rock belter; G3-F#6) – Ariel’s best friend

Urleen (Mezzo/rock belter; G3-D5) – Ariel’s friend

Wendy Jo (Mezzo/rock belt; F3-E5) – Ariel’s friend

Chuck Cranston (Tenor; F#3-B4) – Ariel’s boyfriend

Lyle (Tenor; B3-B4) – Chuck’s buddy

Travis (Tenor; G#3-G#4) – Chuck’s buddy

Betty Blast (Ensemble singing) – Owner of The Burger Blast

Willard Hewitt (Baritone/tenor; Bb2-G4) – Ren’s friend, a country boy

Principal Clark (Ensemble singing) – The school principal

Jeter (Baritone; D3-Eb4) – Ren’s friend

Bickle (Tenor; Eb3-Gb4) – Ren’s friend

Garvin (Tenor; Eb3-Gb4) – Ren’s friend

Cowboy Bob (Baritone/tenor; G3-G4) – Lead singer at the Bar-B-Que

A Cop (Ensemble singing)


ALL auditionees should prepare 16 to 32 bars from an appropriate musical theatre or pop/rock song. PLEASE NOTE: Legible sheet music must be provided for the rehearsal pianist/music director. No recorded accompaniment, a cappella auditions, or chord charts will be allowed. Please dress appropriately.


As an incentive to sign up for the audition with Auditions Manager, the first hour of each open call will be given over exclusively to those who pre-register through this service.

Pre-registration is recommended, but not required.

Once pre-registration through this website is closed, auditionees may show up at either open call and complete their registration in person.


Chain O' Lakes Civic Center, 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33880
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863-294-7469 x.104

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