Theatre Winter Haven
Theatre Winter Haven Announces Open Auditions for THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER

TWH is dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion in casting. Everyone is encouraged to audition.

All roles are open.
Ralph Herdman
Male - 13
The oldest and coolest. He’s the enforcer.

Imogene Herdman
Female - 12
Leader of the Herdmans. She’s loud, bossy, and crafty.

Leroy Herdman
Male - 11
Ralph’s backup. Very confident in the muscle department.

Claude Herdman
Male - 10
Scrappy and smart.

Ollie Herdman
Male - 9
A bit of a naïve urchin who follows the older boys’ leads.

Gladys Herdman
Female - 8
Little but fierce. Nothing scares Gladys.

Grace Bradley (Mother)
Female - 35-40ish
Sweet, good-humored, slightly frazzled mom.

Bob Bradley (Father)
Male - 35-40ish
Easygoing dad, wry sense of humor.

Charlie Bradley
Male - 10
Typical kid brother, says what he thinks.

Beth Bradley
Female - 11
Charlie’s older and wiser sister. She’s honest and kind.

Mrs. Armstrong
Female - 40-50ish
Organized steamroller. She’s always in charge.

Reverend Hopkins
Male - 40-50ish
Occasionally befuddled, always well-meaning.

Mrs. Slocum
Female - 35-60ish
Sassy, tells it like it is.

Mrs. Clark
Female - 35-40ish
Pleasant, motherly woman. Sassy, tells it like it is.

Mrs, Clausing
Female - 30–60ish
Sweet southerner, calls everyone “honey.”

Mrs. McCarthy
Female - 20-40ish
A younger, less imperious version of Mrs. Armstrong

Alice Wendleken
Female - 11
Know-it-all. She thinks she’s perfect.

Elmer Hopkins
Male - 10
Preacher’s kid, which means he needs to behave and be nice.

Ensemble Kids- Maxine, Hobie, David, Beverly, Shirley, Juanita, Dorice

Ensemble Adult- Fireman


Auditionees are requested to prepare at one-minute comedic monologue.

Those without a prepared monologue will be asked to read from the script.

Further readings will be conducted at the callback audition.


As an incentive to sign up for the audition with Auditions Manager, the first hour of each open call will be given over exclusively to those who pre-register through this service.

Pre-registration is recommended, but not required.

Once pre-registration through this website is closed, auditionees may show up at either open call and complete their registration in person.


Chain O' Lakes Civic Center, 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33880
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For inquiries please contact:

Thom Altman/Production Manager
863-294-7469 x.104

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