The Ensemble Company (in residence at Penguin Point Productions)
2021 Season Auditions

WHAT TO PREPARE: Please prepare a one-minute monologue and—if you are interested in Master Class or Triumph of Love—a song selection (showcasing range and ability) not to exceed two minutes. If singing, bring sheet music in the appropriate key; an accompanist will be provided. In addition to prepared pieces, performers are required to bring a non-returnable headshot and résumé.

Please be aware that The Ensemble Company takes the health and safety of our performers and patrons very seriously. Due to the nature of our current environment and COVID-19, those auditioning will need to have their temperature checked upon arrival and wear a mask while waiting. During the audition, appropriate social distancing measures will be taken. As always, if you are feeling unwell, we ask that you DO NOT ATTEND.


At The Ensemble Company, we practice non-traditional casting. Non-traditional casting is a method to increase artistic options by expanding casting opportunities for women, actors of color, seniors, and actors with disabilities in roles where race, gender, age, or the presence or absence of a disability are not germane. To that end, we encourage all actors to audition.

Please note that the ultimate goal of The Ensemble Company is to cast a core repertory ensemble to play multiple roles in the season, but some roles will be offered singly.


We will be casting the following productions:

Master Class by Terrence McNally; Directed by Matthew MacDermid; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: January 15th through 25th, 2021

Maria Callas (late 40s-50s, female-identifying) - formidable, glamorous, larger-than-life, caustic, and commanding.

Sophie DePalma (20s-30s; female-identifying) - talented soprano; tentative, but courageous; performer must be a classical soprano with the ability to sing “Ah non credea mirati” from Bellini’s La Sonnambula.

Sharon Graham (20s-30s; female-identifying) - talented soprano; sensitive, but formidable underneath the nerves; performer must be a classical soprano with the ability to sing “Vieni, t’affretta” from Verdi’s Macbetto.

Anthony Candolino (20s-30s; male-identifying) - talented tenor; attractive and flirtatious, verging on cocky; performer must be a classical tenor with the ability to sing “Dammi I Colori” from Verdi’s Tosca.

Manny Weinstock (any age; male-identifying) - accomplished accompanist; smart, savvy, good-humored. (Please note that this role has already been cast.)
Stagehand (any age; male- or female-identifying) - dedicated stagehand

Perfect Arrangement by Topher Payne; Directed by Tara Kromer; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: March 5th through 15th, 2021


Bob Martindale (30s; male-identifying) - a WWII veteran, reserved. A bit bookish, but a solid man’s man. Good-humored and well-mannered.

Millie Martindale (20s-30s; female-identifying) - Bob’s wife. Plays “the dizzy wife” when people are in the house, but she is actually very quick-witted and observant. Smart enough to maintain the act.

Norma Baxter (30s; female-identifying) - The knowing, efficient, classy dame. A secretary at the State Department who could just as easily be Secretary of State. A smart woman who’s good with a wisecrack and level-headed in a bind.

Jim Baxter (20s-30s; male-identifying) - Norma’s husband. A prankster type, always ready with a comeback. A high school teacher with a lot of energy. A little wired, good with a plan.

Theodore Sunderson (50s; male-identifying) - The boss. Bombastic, loud, a little overbearing. A patriotic windbag.

Kitty Sunderson (40s-50s; female-identifying) - Ted’s wife. Legitimately ditzy. Her brain seems to work on a totally different wavelength than the rest of the world. Very sweet and very genuine—she just doesn’t quite “get it.”

Barbara Grant (40s; female-identifying) - A formidable opponent. No-nonsense, beautiful, brilliant, and a little scary.

Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare; Directed by Matthew MacDermid; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: May 7th through 17th, 2021


Ouisa (40s-50s; female-identifying) - Upper East Side woman of elegance, without pretension; supportive, passionate, loving.

Flan (40s-50s; male-identifying) - Ouisa’s husband; fits in with upper-class society; charming and driven with a hint of the hustler/salesman underneath.

Paul (20s; male-identifying) - African American; charming; intelligent; capable of playing both European boarding school elite alum and sexy, inner-city, savvy youth.

Geoffrey (40s plus; male-identifying) - South African; elegant and quick-witted; comes from money and shows in deportment.

Hustler (late teens-20s; male-identifying) - scrappy; sexy; fearless; dangerous.

Kitty (40s-50s; female-identifying) - upper-class New Yorker; gregarious and a bit gossipy.

Larkin (40s-50s; male-identifying) - Kitty’s husband; worrier; avoids bad news and confrontations—at all costs.

Dr. Fine (40s-50s; male-identifying) - eager to please but quick to distrust and accuse; tries to be a good man.
Tess (late teens-early 20s; female-identifying) - Ouisa and Flan’s daughter; privileged, smart, investigative, and fiery.

Woody (late teens-early 20s; male-identifying) - Ouisa and Flan’s son; privileged, petulant, and self-focused.

Trent (late teens-early 20s; male-identifying) - awe-struck and love-struck; MIT undergraduate; slightly nebbish; forgiving.

Doug (late teens-early 20s; male-identifying) - Dr. Fine’s son; angry and bitter young man (in a humorous way); spoiled; lashes out.

Ben (late teens-early 20s; male-identifying) - Kitty and Larkin’s son; sardonic and judgmental.

Rick (20s; male-identifying) - sweet, naive, outgoing; aspiring actor from Utah; easily charmed.

Elizabeth (20s; female-identifying) - outgoing; gregarious; spirited; cautious; aspiring actor from Utah.

Detective (40s plus; male-identifying)
Doorman/Officer (any age; male-identifying)


The August Wilson Pittsburgh Cycle: Gem of the Ocean by August Wilson; Directed by Roberta Emerson; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: August 6th through 16th, 2021


Eli (50s plus; male-identifying) - African American; Aunt Ester’s gatekeeper and longtime friend of Solly.
Citizen Barlow (20s-30s; male-identifying) - African American; a young man from Alabama in spiritual turmoil.
Aunt Ester (50s plus to play much older; female-identifying) - African American; a very old, yet vital spiritual advisor to the community.

Black Mary (20s; female-identifying) - African American; Aunt Ester’s protégée and housekeeper.
Rutherford Selig (40s-50s; male-identifying) - Caucasian; a traveling peddler who is a frequent visitor to the house.

Solly Two Kings (60s; male-identifying) - African American; suitor to Aunt Ester, former Underground Railroad conductor.
Caesar Wilks (40s-50s; male-identifying) - African American; Black Mary’s brother and local constable.

W;t by Margaret Edson; Directed by Selena Ambush; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: September 10th through 20th, 2021


Vivian Bearing, Ph.D. (50; female-identifying) - Professor of seventeenth-century poetry at the university.
Harvey Kelekian, M.D./Mr. Bearing (50s plus; male-identifying) - Dr. Kelekian is the chief of medical oncology at University Hospital. Mr. Bearing is Vivian’s father. The roles are doubled.

Jason Posner, M.D. (late 20s-early 30s; male-identifying) - Clinical fellow, Medical Oncology Branch.
Susie Monahan, R.N., B.S.N. (late 20s-early 30s; female-identifying) - Primary nurse, Cancer Inpatient Unit.
E.M. Ashford, D.Phil (50s plus to play 80; female-identifying) - Professor emerita of English literature.
Lab Technicians, Clinical Fellows, Students, and Code Team (late teens-20s; male- and female-identifying) - 4 total actors to double roles.

The Lyons by Nicky Silver; Directed by Matthew MacDermid; First rehearsal: TBD; Performances: November 5th through 15th, 2021


Rita Lyons (50s-60s; female-identifying) - The matriarch of the Lyons family; your typical smothering, belittling Jewish mother. Quick-witted, fiery, and passionate, in her mind, she wants what is best for her children, but in actuality she is suffocating and esteem-shrinking.

Ben Lyons (60s-70s; male-identifying) - The patriarch of the Lyons family; a dying man, although not without his energy and quick wit. Homophobic, his tough and bitter face hides his fragility and occasional nostalgia. He uses his disease as a license to shoot four-letter rants at his family.

Lisa Lyons (20s-30s; female-identifying) - The daughter of the Lyons family; a “recovering” alcoholic who has just “left” an abusive relationship. Emotionally distraught, she is not someone who has her life together.

Curtis Lyons (20s-30s; male-identifying) - The son of the Lyons family; a gay man who writes short stories, he views himself as the child with the darkest past—problems with his father hating him, his mother being too pushy, and insecurities of his sexuality.

Nurse (20s-50s; female-identifying) - A New York nurse with a quick itinerary, she’s in and out of her patients’ rooms, bringing the quick pace of the city into the hospital.

Brian (20s-30s; male-identifying) - A very handsome, suave realtor. He is an aspiring actor who holds a thick wall in front of him but is quick to let that wall down. Defensive but down-to-earth.

Triumph of Love by James Magruder, Jeffrey Stock, and Susan Birkenhead; Directed by Matthew MacDermid; Musical Direction by Justin J. Scarlat; First rehearsal: November 8th, 2021; Performances: December 10th through 20th, 2021

Agis (20s; male-identifying) - A student of reason. Beautiful. Destined to be the returner of Sparta’s reign to his family. Puts thoughts before emotion until he falls head over heels for the disguised Princess Leonide. Range: E3 to A5

Hesione (40s-50s; female-identifying) - Agis’s aunt. A stern philosopher who, until she is wooed by a disguised Princess Leonide, has little time for emotions or flattery after having her heart broken as a young girl. Range: E3 to F5

Harlequin (20s-40s; male-identifying) - The valet. Quick, clowning, and smart. Fancies himself a Casanova. Scheming, but with mostly good intentions. He falls in love with and lusts after Corine. Range: E3 to B5

Dimas (30s-40s; male-identifying) - The gardener. Grumpy and lewd, but an obedient and honorable worker to Hermocrates and Hesione. Lusts after Corine. Range: F3 to A5

Hermocrates (50s-60s; male-identifying) - A philosopher. Hesione’s brother. A powerful, forbidding intellectual tyrant. He thinks emotions are a waste of time until he falls in love with a disguised Princess Leonide. Range: G3 to F5

Princess Leonide (20s; female-identifying) - Beautiful, young, and strong. She is clever, quick, and hopelessly in love with Agis. Disguises herself as several different people in order to win his love. Range: F3 to G5

Corine (20s-30s; female-identifying) - Princess Leonide’s maid servant. Sexual and brassy. She is a good servant, but also very much looks out for herself and has her own agenda. The only character who truly can’t be bothered by love. Range: G3 to G5


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