Garden Theatre
1984 (Adult Audition 18+ Only)

Adult (18+) actors (any ethnicity)
Please prepare:
● One (1) 60-second dramatic monologue

Young actors can register under a separate link.

No video submissions will be accepted for 1984.


Character Breakdown

WINSTON (25-40) Male, Any Ethnicity. Soulful, thoughts emanate out of him into the room; fragile and ill, appearing old for his age; he is not robust, he may not survive torture; thoughtful, he would have been a writer in another universe, but is a sufferer in this one.

O’BRIEN (40-69) Any Gender or Ethnicity. Authoritative politician, smooth, unflappable, almost kindly but with the quiet zeal of a true believer; not quite God, but on the way; benevolence is essential, far better than malevolence; we want to trust him and understand why Winston is drawn to him; he is intelligent, articulate, convincing, with a speed and clarity of thought; good at his job; physical presence is an asset.

JULIA (22-35) Female, Any Ethnicity. Confident, sparkly, sexual, free spirited; is she a devoted lover and revolutionary who hates the Party, or a double agent working for the Thought Police; enigmatic, hard to read, may not be trustworthy; holds the potential of aggression and sharpness; a complex role which requires grit and simplicity in the playing.

CHARRINGTON (40-50) Any Ethnicity. Charrington appears to be in his sixties when we first meet him, but is revealed later to be younger; a bit of a wizard, magic and sparkly; a 'prole' shopkeeper; lower status and lower class; somewhat unpredictable, unreadable and may not be trustworthy; also plays the 'host'.

SYME (25-35) Any Ethnicity. A nerdy, word-obsessed, precise, anxious worker-ant; his fanatical admiration for Big Brother will be his downfall.

MARTIN (35-50) Any Ethnicity. Is enigmatic, untrustworthy, threatening in presence and in person; his appearance may have been altered; he may not be a real person or be disguised; an active observer, he remains constant as the world shifts around Winston; he has the solid confidence of a man who knows exactly what’s going on.

M. PARSONS/MOTHER (45-65) Any Ethnicity. Maternal, the frightened, tired mother of an over-zealous child, she is also Winston’s mother and a lower-class Prole woman; lower status, likeable, preferably of larger build; a good soulful singer but not polished.

PARSONS (45-55) Any Ethnicity. Married to Mrs. Parsons, proud father of the child; in awe of her; simple-minded, poorly educated, keen, enthusiastic, preferably larger of build, low status; cheerful, uncomplicated, unquestioning.


Please note that ONLY non-Equity performers will be seen. We are looking for a very diverse range of ethnicity in our actors. Stipends begin at $800 for adults.

● Callbacks for 1984 will be held on October 1st, 2018 BY INVITATION ONLY.


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