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Mad Cow Theatre Season 23 General Auditions

Auditioners should prepare TWO contrasting 1-minute monologues. Monologues should be from published work only.

Please bring TWO headshots and resumes.


Mad Cow Theatre is seeking professional actors with strong dramatic and comedic skills for season 23 productions.

Mad Cow was in attendance for the Florida Professional Theatres Association auditions on May 18 – 20, 2019.
If you attended these auditions, you do not need to schedule another audition at this time.

Mad Cow is seeking a diverse company of actors and is committed to equal opportunity employment and a flexible, non-traditional casting policy. Non-traditional casting is defined as the casting of ethnic minorities, senior actors, female actors or actors with disabilities in roles where race, ethnicity, age, gender or ability is not germane.

All performers are paid a fee. AEA performers and Mad Cow work together under an Equity OAT contract.

Mad Cow Theatre is a 501(c)(3) arts organization funded by The State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs, Walt Disney World, ,The Downtown Development Board, The Florida Theatrical Association, Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program, and members of the Central Florida community just like you.

Mad Cow Theatre is a proud member of The Florida Professional Theatre Association and The Downtown Orlando Partnership.



"Pride and Prejudice"

ACTOR 1 - Female
JANE - Late 20s-early 30s. The eldest and most beautiful Bennet daughter. Kind, idealistic, diffident. Always tries to do the right thing. Can be a bit shy, very close to Lizzy, sees the overly agreeable Mr. Bingley as the perfect man.
MISS de BOURGH - Lady Catherine’s daughter; a gremlin. Probably allergic to sun. Underneath all her veils, she may be covered in scales. Overbred, sickly, wants to marry Mr. Darcy.

ACTOR 2 - Female
LIZZY - A year or two younger than Jane. Clever, spirited; can be sharp-tongued. Gets flustered, which makes her klutzy. Prides herself on good judgment. Not especially beautiful. Very very scared of marriage, after absorbing the lessons of her parents’ marriage. Despises her mother’s courtship scheming; determined to never marry.

ACTOR 3 - Female
LYDIA - 14. The youngest Bennet. Lively, prone to imitating others’ behavior and eavesdropping. Loves going to balls, can embarrass the family with her wild flirtations, enjoys being right. Wild child.
LADY CATHERINE - Patrician Caesar-meets-drill-sergeant. Everything is beneath her, nothing is beneath her attention. One of the richest women in England; expects deference and flattery from everyone and almost always gets it. Casually cruel, but can be coquettish with men of her own social class. Wants Mr. Darcy to marry her daughter.

ACTOR 4 - Male
MR. DARCY - Late 30s - 40s. One of the richest men in England. Too proper for his own good; awkward in most social contexts. Prides himself on self-control and good judgment. Avoids gossip even when it results in others having incorrect negative opinions of him. Not great with words.

ACTOR 5 - Male
MR. COLLINS - A pedantic, obtuse man, The original mansplainer. Rector to Lady Catherine. Self-important, squat, and sweaty. He tries hard to be impressive - unfortunately he has a tic wherein he cannot quite, ever, land on the right word.
WICKHAM - An unfairly handsome and charming gentleman. Probably a sociopath. Raised with Darcy, with whom he has fallen out. Fallen from grace, but hiding it well. His smooth talking serves him well with young women.
MISS BINGLEY - A very rich, very beautiful young woman. Fancies herself witty. Wants Mr. Darcy for herself, despises Lizzy. (May be played by male or female actor, depending on doubling.)

ACTOR 6 - Male or Female
MR. BINGLEY - Late 30s-40s. Loves the world and the world loves him. Mr. Darcy’s particular friend. Almost literally a dog. Wealthy, energetic, agreeable to an absurd extent.
MARY - The third Bennet girl. Violent and dark undertones; prone to pedanticism and sulking. A dark goth Bronte character trapped in an Austen world. Coughs to get attention, or to make a point; may fancy that she is dying. Likes showing off her (poor) piano skills, dislikes being left out.

ACTOR 7 - Male or Female
CHARLOTTE LUCAS - Same age as Lizzy. A practical girl with a good sense of humor. May be doubled with Mr. Bennet. Lizzy’s particular friend. Not from much money, nor particularly beautiful.
MR. BENNET - The patriarch of the Bennet family. Finds amusement in absurdity; often looks for respectable escape from the chaos of his family life. Can be somewhat apathetic; probably a bit depressed, under everything. Enjoys antagonizing. Disappointed in marriage.

ACTOR 8 - Male or Female
MRS. BENNET - The matriarch of the Bennet family. Mostly a silly woman, of mean understanding and variable temper. Hypochondriac; when she’s upset, she fancies that she’s dying. The business of her life is to get her daughters married. She traumatizes her family with some regularity. Extremely dramatic, views everything as a high stakes situation. Considers herself a master strategist.


"Boesman and Lena"

BOESMAN - “coloured” South African male, 50’s (probably), though a “life of hardship and dissipation obscures [his] age.” A transient man who has been walking seemingly forever. Violent and abusive. Resorts to cruelty and violence to compensate for his own powerlessness. Nothing left to say, thinks Lena’s talking is “just noise.”

LENA - “coloured” South African female, 50’s (probably), though a “life of hardship and dissipation obscures [her] age.” Has been walking with Boesman for a very long time. Narrates her thoughts and desperately wants someone to listen. Famished for human connection. Over the course of the play, she slowly discovers her autonomy and independence.

OLD AFRICAN - black South African male, “an image of age and decrepitude.” Speaks Xhosa language. Lost, tired, is trying to find his way home.

Note: In South Africa, "coloured" is a distinct ethnic group with multiracial ancestry.

"Men on Boats"

JOHN WESLEY POWELL - one armed leader of the expedition, crazyface with a fiery temper and an excitable soul. Hates suits and loves adventures. Friends w/President of the USA from war days. Lifelong explorer; has run many rivers.

WILLIAM DUNN - hunter and trapper with long black hair. Wears beaverskin always. Planner and innovator. Enjoys naming land with Powell; wants stuff named after him.

JOHN COLTON SUMNER - former soldier, current explorer. Widely known to be the Bear Grylls of the 1860s. Will go snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains in winter just because “no one had done it yet.”

OLD SHADY - Oldest crew member on mission. Powell’s older brother, Civil War vet. Does not like people, likes the outdoors.

BRADLEY - 19, lieutenant, manic with youth. Genuinely loves people. Talkative, nervous, excited.

O.G. HOWLAND - printer and hunter, Seneca’s older brother. Heavy smoker. Doesn’t have many friends; not well-liked. Doubles with:
TSAUWIAT - a Ute chief. The Utes’ composure and wry awareness starkly contrasts with the explorers bumbling and stumbling. The Utes may not choose to express their opinion of the Men on Boats freely, but that opinion hangs in the air, potent. This, after all, is their turf.

SENECA HOWLAND - O.G.’s quiet little brother, joined the expedition at his brother’s request. Heavy smoker. Doubles with:
THE BISHOP - Tsauwiat’s wife. The Utes’ composure and wry awareness starkly contrasts with the explorers bumbling and stumbling. The Utes may not choose to express their opinion of the Men on Boats freely, but that opinion hangs in the air, potent. This, after all, is their turf.

FRANK GOODMAN - British, so excited, red-faced. An adventure man by sport, not by livelihood. Adventurous only until the risk outweighs the benefit. Doubles with:
MR. ASA - a desert settler. Seems, somehow, like an angel of comfort. Perhaps a fever dream.

HALL - devoted mapmaker, old soul. Friends with Hawkins.

HAWKINS - the cook, believes in fairness. Friends with Hall.

Note on casting from the playwright: The characters in Men on Boats were historically cisgender white males. The cast should be made up entirely of people who are not. I'm talking about racially diverse actors who are female-identifying, trans-identifying, genderfluid, and/or non-gender conforming.

"Last Train to Nibroc"

MAY - female, 21 or 22. From a small town in Kentucky. Very shy with strangers. Religious; plans to be a missionary, but not accustomed to the hardship that life entails. She is sincere and honest in her beliefs. Can come across as judgmental and harsh, but has the capacity for incredible generosity and love. Insightful and witty once she is comfortable.

RALEIGH - male, about the same age. From a nearby town. Aspirations of being a writer; reads everything. Just a playful good guy, slow to anger and quick to chuckle. Enjoys teasing May. Enlisted in WWII voluntarily, but was medically discharged because he has epilepsy. In the second and third scenes of the play, he is struggling with feelings of shame and uselessness.

"All My Sons"

JOE KELLER– male, late 50s, a self-made business man with working-class roots. His worldview does not extend beyond the confines of his own neighborhood. Financially successful, but uneducated, he is often in a state of wonder about things not terribly difficult for others to understand and has not kept up with the way society has progressed. Everything he does is for his family; he wants Chris to take over the business and feels insulted by his hesitancy to do so.

KATE KELLER– female, early 50s, wife to Joe and mom to Chris and the late Larry. Referred to in the script as MOTHER, she sees her life through the lens of this role and has overwhelming love for her children. She is unable to come to terms with Larry’s disappearance and is the only family member who clings to the belief that he is alive.

CHRIS KELLER– male, 32, son to Joe and Kate. WWII veteran who now works alongside his father managing the family business. He is not passionate about the business and is uncomfortable with the role it played in the war. Hesitant to take over after his father’s future retirement. Socially aware and idealistic in a way differs drastically from his father’s worldview. Has come to terms with his brother’s death and wants to marry Ann, even if it means putting distance between himself and his family.

ANN DEEVER– female, 26, dated Larry (the Keller’s other son who disappeared during the war), but has accepted his death and is in love with his brother Chris. Kind, gentle, young woman who is polite and agreeable but has strong convictions and stands up for them with confidence. She shares Chris’s more expansive worldview and has stopped speaking to her father because of the crimes he was convicted of during the war. Grew up in the house next door to the Keller’s, now lives in New York with her mother and brother.

GEORGE DEEVER– male, early 30s, brother to Ann. WWII veteran. Shared Ann’s convictions about their father’s guilt until recently, but now blames Joe for the crime. Desperately wants to stop Ann from marrying Chris and thus joining the family that ruined his father. Overcome with guilt about not supporting his father in prison.

DR. JIM BAYLISS– male, late 30s, Joe’s neighbor, married to Sue, WWII veteran. The neighborhood doctor. He has idealistic tendencies and fantasizes about working in medical research, but stays where he is out of a sense of responsibility to his family. Wry, sociable, spends a lot of time at the Keller’s.

SUE BAYLISS– female, late 30s to early 40s, Jim’s wife. Put him through medical school while working as a nurse and now expects him to pay her back through financial success. Blames Chris’s idealism for her husband’s latest daydreams of a low-paying medical research career.

FRANK LUBEY– male, 32 but balding. A pleasant neighbor. Shares his opinions, yet is uncertain of himself. Avoided the draft because his birthday fell right before the cutoff, which led to an interest in astrology. Has agreed to research Larry’s horoscope for Kate. Married to Lydia; father of three.

LYDIA LUBEY– female, 27, married to Frank. Was a giggly girl when she dated George before the war. Now a mother of three and a kind neighbor.

BERT – male, 8, neighborhood boy. Curious, playful boy who is fascinated with Joe’s time in prison and likes to play cop-and-robber games with him.

"The Children"

ROSE - female, 60s, British. An unattached woman; no children, no pets, not married. Retired nuclear engineer. Was a work friend of Hazel’s, but hasn’t seen her in 38 years. Had a decades long affair with Robin. She has a distinct sexual power; warm, loquacious, enigmatic, and self-possessed.

HAZEL - female, 60s, British. Married to Robin. Mother of four adult children, grandmother of four. Retired nuclear engineer who, along with her husband, took up farming upon retirement. Likes to keep active and keep herself busy. The kind of woman who wears sunscreen every day, and eats a perfectly balanced diet, and cleans the house before it ever gets really dirty. A domestic woman who likes routine and is afraid of dying.

ROBIN - male, 60s, British. Married to Hazel. Retired nuclear engineer who, along with his wife, took up farming upon retirement. Had a decades long affair with Rose. A charming man with an underlying sense of unease. Has the ability to transform from boorish to noble in the blink of an eye.

"Intimate Apparel"

ESTHER - female, 35, African-American. Rather plain. Intelligent, but illiterate. She has been working as a seamstress since she was nine and now creates women’s intimate apparel. Lonely, but hopeful and unwilling to settle. Dreams of a better future and works very hard.

MRS. DICKSON - female, 50, African-American. Handsome and impeccably groomed. Esther’s landlady and a motherly figure in her life. Thinks she knows what’s best for Esther, but wants her to be happy and always has her best interests at heart.

GEORGE - male, 30s, African Caribbean. Barbadian accent. Muscular, handsome, and charming at first, but proves to be an unfaithful and lazy husband. Passionate and beguiling, but also cold and domineering.

MRS. VAN BUREN - female, early 30s, white. The slightest hint of a southern accent. An attractive socialite who attempts to carry herself with great poise and confidence. Unhappy in her marriage. She longs for independence, excitement, and affection.

MR. MARKS - male, 30s, Romanian Orthodox Jew. Handsome. Secretly in love with Esther, but engaged to be married to a woman overseas whom he has never met. Passionate about the fabric he sells. His religious beliefs hold him back from expressing his feelings directly, so he expresses them through the beautiful fabrics he finds.

MAYME - female, 30, African-American. Strikingly beautiful, sexy, and sultry friend of Esther’s. Earns her living as a prostitute, but is a talented pianist and singer. She is jaded and matter-of-fact, but also a caring friend.

"Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties"

BETTY BOOP 1 - femme, white, rich, uptight, fueled by secret rage. Unhappily married to Richard. Very attracted to Betty 5 and surprised about it, but doesn’t resist it.

BETTY BOOP 2 - femme, white or Asian, rich, uptight but coming undone. Younger and a little more fragile than Betty 1. Married to Charles; hasn’t had sex in five or six years. Painfully lonely. Low self-esteem; doesn’t know who she is or what she likes. A good singer who can play guitar.

BETTY BOOP 3 - high-femme, bisexual, Latina. Super queer and super outspoken. Charismatic and pretty, kind of a know-it-all. Always working on her “brand;” has unrealistic expectations of fame and glory.

BETTY BOOP 4 - butch lesbian, any ethnicity, great tattoos, gently melancholic, is too often ignored. She is desperately in love with Betty 3, despite being friend-zoned.

BETTY BOOP 5 - genderqueer (masculine-of-center), any ethnicity, great tattoos, owns a hole-in-the-wall boxing gym. Wildly charismatic; even straight women get fluttery in her presence. Recently spent time in prison.


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