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by Megan Mostyn-Brown
Directed by Beth Marshall

-Please submit headshot and resume.

-Must be familiar with the script. (Read The Play)

-Must have acting chops that can carry 25-30 minute monologs with heavy dramatic content.

-Auditions will consist of memorized monologs or scenes from the play. Be prepared to do cold readings from additional sides if asked.
-Please prepare at least 1 MEMORIZED monolog or scene from the play as noted on
- Ideally, you are memorized with all material from anything you wish to be considered for but open to reading for other roles if asked.
Visit the Auditions/Jobs link at for sides and more info.

Auditions/Callbacks will take place all at once. Please come prepared to stay later. If you have to be out by a certain time, please note this in your audition notes as well as remind the casting assistant on the day of audition. No one will be asked to stay later than 8:30pm.


-Must be 18 to audition (or have parental consent and ok with material in script)

SEEKING STRONG ACTORS with previous theatre experience.
-All shades of colors and spectrum of the rainbow encouraged to audition.
-All characters will work with electronic prop cigarettes.
-Must be comfortable with discussions of dramatic and mature concepts: --Suicide, self-harm, pregnancy and decisions around it and adult language.


-Female Identifying girl (must believably appear on stage as 15 year old) who has recently lost her sister to suicide and is in struggles with her own demons and relationship with her mother.
-Must have strong acting chops and be able to carry a 25 min monolog.
-Must be comfortable speaking about subjects of death, suicide, cutting and internal demons.
-Must show a wide range of emotions.
-She is matter of fact with a sadness around her.
-Open to all types of styles of girls, but the younger in appearance the better so please dress with this in mind. No make-up. Plain.

MOTHER-(Only adults for this role)
-Female Identifying Woman (30's) Single Mother. Had daughter young.
-HardWorking. Doesn't want her daughter to make the same mistakes as she did in her past.
-It has taken some time for her to accept her daughter's complicated style and perhaps sexuality. She has evolved into it. She is rough around the edges. Strict and loving.
-Truly wants what is best for her daughter.
-Gritty. Strong. A little jaded.
-Bartender/Waitress/Postal Worker with a forever broken-heart.

(Believable 17 years old on stage)
-Discovering herself. -Secure in style. -Tomboyish.
-Equal parts tough/sensitive.
-A handsome girl.
-Open to trans or gender-fluid style.
-Likes to wear oversized sports jerseys and jeans with High Tops.
-Loves her mother. Loves Issac.
-Longs to get out of a small town.
-A rebellious dreamer.
-Skateboarder (a plus)
-Lucy & Issac vacillate between best friends, brother/sister-like friendship and more.

(Believable as 17 years old on stage)
-Male identifying with major street smarts.
-Independent. Interesting. Adventurer.
-Confident with a sense of danger and mystery.
-Rapper style.
-Ready for what's next. A hustler.
-Lucy & Issac vacillate between best friends, brother/sister-like friendship and more.

(Believable 23 years old on stage)
-Must have chops to carry 30 minute monolog.
-Female Identifying with an "IT" factor. The kind of person that gets noticed without trying.
-College Educated. Graduate.
-A thinker.
-Witty. Ironic.
-Cautious in process.
-Always looks put together even when dressed down and not made up.
-A tad preppy.
-The sort of young woman that most people would think is going far.


Auditions are March 4, 2019
Auditions and Callbacks will go from 4pm-8pm at Daytona State College by appointment only.

-Rehearsals will begin March 18th, 2019. Rehearsals will be as needed on Mondays & Wed from 4-6:30pm at Daytona State College. Some Orlando rehearsals might take place if Orlando actors are cast.

Tech begins Sat. April 20th and rehearsals with full Q 2 Q and actors will be needed Monday April 22nd from 6-10pm each evening.

Show dates:
April 25th-28th (5 shows)

*Note- we are on waitlist for Orlando Fringe which runs May 14-27th in Orlando Florida. Please indicate on your audition form if you would be able to do the show in Orlando should we get into the Festival during those dates. We could be doing as few as a couple shows or as many as 8. We will not know our full schedule until April 2019 if we get in.

Note- this is a part educational and part professional production.
Students, staff, and community volunteer actors of Daytona State College cast will be unpaid.
Professional Actors hired under BMP contract will be paid a stipend that will include travel if coming from Orlando or surrounding Central Florida areas.
Union/Non-Union actors are welcomed to audition.


221 N Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114


For inquiries please contact:

Beth Marshall

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