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There are thirty-nine (39) roles available in Titanic. All but eight (8) of the roles play multiple characters. With the exception of the Bellboy, there are NO ROLES AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN OR TEENS. Auditionees must be 18 years of age or older. Please see below for specific character and vocal breakdowns.


CAPTAIN EDWARD J SMITH, English (Bass/Baritone, A2-F#4) The commodore and most popular captain of the White Star Line. Was due to retire but persuaded to take the maiden voyage of Titanic as his final voyage. Must have a light grey or white beard and have a certain dignity and bearing. Captain Smith was 62.

J BRUCE ISMAY, English (Baritone, A2-G4)
1st class. Chairman of the White Star Line and de facto owner of the Titanic. Very business-like and well-spoken. Must have a particularly style mustache. Survived. Ismay was 49.

THOMAS ANDREWS, Irish (Baritone, A2-G4)
1st class. Designer of the Titanic, who used the maiden voyage to fine-tune the ship. Has the most dramatic solo of the show describing the sinking. Relatively softly spoken but somewhat self-effacing. Andrews was 39.

WILLIAM MURDOCH, Scottish (Baritone/Tenor, G2-G4)
Was supposed to be Chief Officer but demoted to First Officer for the maiden voyage. Was in charge of the ship when it struck the iceberg. Murdoch was 39.

HERBERT PITMAN (Baritone/Tenor, G2-G4)
Third officer. Pitman was 34. This actor also plays MAJOR ARTHUR PEUCHEN. Canadian. Peuchen was 52.

HAROLD BRIDE (Baritone/Tenor, C3-G4)
One of the two wireless operators. Bride was 28.

Stoker, working the boilers. Barrett was 28.

One of the two look-outs on duty when the ship struck the iceberg. Fleet was 28.

Leader of the Titanic orchestra. Hartley was 33. This actor also plays: CHIEF ENGINEER BELL. 50.

ISIDOR STRAUS, American Jewish (Bass/Baritone, F2-F4)
1st class. Owner of Macy’s department store in New York. Devoted to his wife. Isidor was 67.

IDA STRAUS, American Jewish (Mezzo/Alto, G3-E5)
1st class. Devoted to her husband. Ida was 63.

JIM FARRELL, Irish (Tenor, Bb2-F#4)
One of a large number of Irish immigrants in steerage (3rd class) looking to start afresh in America. Romance with Kate McGowan. Farrell was 25. This actor also plays the SAILOR.

KATE MCGOWAN, Irish (Soprano, A3-F#5)
Another Irish immigrant (steerage/3rd class) and works predominantly as one of ‘The Three Kates’. Romance with Jim Farrell. McGowan was 22.

KATE MULLINS, Irish (Mezzo/Soprano, G3-F#5)
One of ‘The Three Kates’ from steerage (3rd class), Mullins was 21.

KATE MURPHEY, Irish (Mezzo/Soprano, A3-F#5)
One of ‘The Three Kates’ from steerage (3rd class), Murphy was 18

ALICE BEANE, American (Mezzo/Belter, Ab3-F5)
2nd class and very upwardly mobile, providing a bit of comedy. Alice was 31.

EDGAR BEANE, American (Bass/Baritone, G2-F#4)
2nd class, more content and less ambitious than his wife. Edgar was 34. This actor also plays the STEVEDORE.

2nd class, engaged to marry Charles Clarke Ada was 29. This actress also plays one of the DAMICOS, a dance specialty.

2nd class, engaged to Caroline, wanting to make a new life for themselves in America, he as a journalist. Charles was 28. This actor also plays the STOKER and one of the DAMICOS, a dance specialty.

1st class steward. Has served on White Star Line ships for some time and is very proud of the fact. Etches was 41.

JOHN JACOB ASTOR (Tenor, A2-G#4) American. Astor was 47.

MADELEINE ASTOR (Mezzo/Soprano, A#3-F#5) his new wife. American. Madeline was 18
BENJAMIN GUGGENHEIM (Baritone, A2-F#4) American. Guggenheim was 46.

MADAME LEONTINE AUBERT (Mezzo/Alto, A3-D5) Guggeneheim’s mistress. French. Aubert was 24.

JOHN THAYER (Baritone, A2-F#4) American. Thayer was 49.

MARION THAYER (Mezzo/Alto, A3-C5) his wife. Marion was 39.

GEORGE WIDENER (Baritone, A2-F#4) American. Widener was 50. This actor also plays FRANK CARLSON.

ELEANOR WIDENER (Mezzo/Soprano, A3-F#5) his wife. American. Eleanor was 50.

CHARLOTTE DRAKE CARDOZA (Mezzo/Soprano, A3-F#5) American. Cardeza was 58.

EDITH CORSE EVANS (Mezzo/Soprano, A3-F#5) American. Edith was 36.


J H ROGERS (Baritone/Tenor, C3-G4) a gambler. American. Age unknown. This actor also plays FOURTH OFFICER BOXHALL and BANDSMAN TAYLOR.

QUARTERMASTER HITCHENS (Baritone/Tenor, G2-G4) steering the ship at the time of the collision. Hitchens was 29. This actor also plays BANDSMAN BRICOUX and LATIMER.

BELLBOY (Baritone/Tenor, D3-F4) There were 44 bellboys and cabin boys lost on the Titanic. They were all under the age of 16.

STEWARDESS ROBINSON (Soprano, D4-F5) was 40.

STEWARDESS HUTCHINSON (Soprano, D4-F5) was 45.

TWO STEWARDS (Baritone, A2-F#4)


There will be a singing and dancing audition. ALL auditionees should prepare 32 bars from a song which shows both their vocal skill and range. PLEASE NOTE: Legible sheet music must be provided for the rehearsal pianist/music director. No recorded accompaniment or a cappella auditions will be allowed. Please dress appropriately for both a singing and dancing audition, the singing portion will take place first. Please note that many characters require specific accent skills (English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc.)


As an incentive to sign up for the audition with Auditions Manager, the first hour of each open call will be given over exclusively to those who register and schedule an audition time through this service.

Pre-registration is recommended, but not required. Once pre-registration through this website is closed, auditionees may show up at either open call and complete their registration in person.

Music rehearsals for TITANIC will begin in December for soloists and ensembles. Staging rehearsals will begin January 2, 2019. PLEASE NOTE: NO REHEARSAL CONFLICTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FEBRUARY 1, 2019.


Chain O' Lakes Civic Center, 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
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