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6F, 8M

▪ WYSANDRIA COLE DAVIS (F, a chanteuse. singer, African-American): On a “down low” visit to New York, this expat sits in the audience as a patron of The Hush Club. An ‘old pal’ of Topeka, she is a Josephine Baker type in town solely to wait out the aftermath of a scandal in France, her adopted homeland. SUPERB SINGER/ACTOR with sultry pipes. STAR presence.

▪ NASH BRADY (M, an undercover policeman posing as bar back. Featured Ensemble member. 25-30, singer/dancer, Caucasian): Earnest, attractive, immediately likable, but with a bit of gangster-era New York City edge. Falls for Evie and breaks the rules to try to win her. STRONG SINGER/ACTOR who moves very well.

▪ LES (M, Policeman 1 / Club staff/ Ensemble member. 25-30, dancer/singer, BIPOC preferable): Sexy, charismatic, exceptional dancer/singer.

▪ LEW (M, Policeman 2 / Club staff/ Ensemble member. 25-30, dancer/singer, any ethnicity): Sexy, charismatic, exceptional dancer/singer.

▪ TOPEKA McSHANE (F, the club owner. 45ish, singer/dancer, with gutsy rangey belt): Owner and Mistress of Ceremonies of New York City’s most decadent, “unraidable” speakeasy, The Hush Club. Charismatic and vivacious with dangerous curves, she’s everyone’s “new best friend.” Still, she’s a shrewd business woman and plys an illegal trade with savvy. She suffers no fools, takes no prisoners. STAR presence, EXCELLENT SINGER/ACTOR who moves well.

▪ EVIE (F, a chorine. Ensemble member. 20-something, singer/dancer, any ethnicity): seemingly innocent, new to the club, has a secret. Her vulnerability belies an inherent survivor instinct. The emotional heart of the narrative. SUPERB SINGER/ACTOR who dances.

▪ DEUCE DALTON (M, The Entertainer. 35-45, singer/dancer, any ethnicity). The quintessential song and dance man. A shiny, handsome face, broad shoulders, suave manners, and the heart of a sociopath. Topeka thinks the world of him...but she shouldn’t. SUPERB TAPPER/STRONG ACTOR/SINGER.

▪ MAE (F, a chorine. Ensemble member. 25ish, STRONG dancer/singer with TANGO APACHE SPECIALTY, any ethnicity, BIPOC preferable): Sexy, smart, ambitious. Ever and always looking to get ahead. Her motto “get the prize, damn the rules.” She has lots of friction with Dora, but there is still a bond among the girls that runs deep. DANCE and acting are her strengths, ensemble singer.

▪ DORA (F, a chorine. Ensemble member. 30ish, EXCELLENT SINGER/DANCER/ACTOR, any ethnicity): Hush Club veteran, very close to Topeka, wary of men, pragmatic. Good with burlesque comedy. She is protective of Topeka and looks after all of the girls. Solo singer.

▪ HATTIE (F, a chorine. Ensemble member. 25ish, singer/dancer, any ethnicity): Bubbly personality, a drinker and “snowbird” (i.e., she’s rather fond of cocaine). She is easily swayed, a gullible “good time gal” who pretends to be ignorant of all intrigue. But onstage, she sparkles. EXCELLENT DANCER, and carries one number as a solo singer.

▪ GREGOR LUDOVIC (M, the Maitre D’. 35-45, actor/singer, any ethnicity): A bit haughty, he’s still yet a caring gay man possessing of a sharp wit. He peddles 'private tastings' for dough. Topeka appreciates his “classy style.” ACTOR who sings.

▪ MORTIMER WOODCOCK/LIEUTENANT LIAM RAFFERTY (M, comedian/policeman. 50-60, singer, Caucasian): Mortimer is the Top Banana performer, a W.C. Fields type. Adored as a comic, but a curmugeonly loner who has the good sense not to get in the middle of politics inside or outside the club. Rafferty is a typical Irish policeman who claims to serve justice, but is only after attention from the mayor.

▪ BOOTLEG JAKE (M, Ensemble member. 25-30, dancer/singer with TANGO APACHE SPECIALTY, any ethnicity): Sexy, charismatic, burly, exceptional dancer, ensemble singer.

▪ DICKIE (M, the doorman. 35-45, actor, any ethnicity): An enigma. Sharp in some ways, but a little off — like a child who prefers imaginary friends to real people. He is devoted to Topeka and the girls, though. Perhaps to obsession? He has delusional hopes that Mae will someday be his girl. ACTOR. No singing required.



Rehearsals: August 1-14
Presentations: August 15, 16, 17
Video shoot: August 18, 19

Rehearsal Hours:
August 1-13: 10AM-6PM with an hour lunch daily
(days off: AUG 7, AUG 13)
August 14: 1-9
August 15: 1:30-9:30
August 16 & 17: 2-10
August 18: 12-6 (straight 6, 1/2 hour break)
August 19: 3-9 (straight 6, 1/2 hour break)

Auditions: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
4:30pm-6pm: Singers/Actors (some may be asked to attend dance call, some may be asked to read sides.)
Please bring 16-32 bars of 2 songs (up tempo/ballad- musical theatre, no pop/rock)
Actors being seen for the role of Dickie (a non-singing role) will read sides.

6pm-8pm: Dancers Who Sing (jazz shoes for men, character shoes and flats for women)
Dancers be prepared to learn a routine. Style of dance is a hybrid of 1920s social dance and contemporary jazz/MT. The score is electro-swing. One male/female pair (Mae & Jake) will be featured in a modern tango apache.

Callbacks: Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 5pm-9pm)


3-week contract
$520/week AEA
$460/week non-Union


2594 N Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32803
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David Almeida, Casting Director

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