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-Self-taped recording of a 32 bar cut in the style of the show, a one minute contemporary monologue and a dance reel (if available).

Any submission after Friday, March 5 will not be considered.


Seeking Union* and Non-Union actors 18+ and one Non-Union role available for actors age 9 - 14.

Please submit a headshot, resume and a self-taped recording of a 16-bar cut of a musical theatre song in the style of the show and a dramatic monologue no longer than a minute to Auditions Manager no later than 11:59pm on Friday, March 5. Any submission after 11:59pm on Friday, March 5 will not be considered.

Callback is by invitation only and will take place virtually.

*Equity is not currently processing Guest Artist or Special Appearance Applications - we will be in communication with the association and should we reach an agreement we will be considering Equity members for this production.

8 Women
10 Men
1 Boy


Rachel Marron - An Academy Award-nominated music superstar who is being stalked and sent death threats. She needs to sing in the style of Whitney Houston and move well.

Frank Farmer - A former C.I.A. agent, physically fit, lithe and athletic; sharp witted and instinctive; handsome and charismatic. He radiates a silent strength, an American alpha man type. Frank sings one song in a karaoke style. He need not be a major singer, just have the confidence to sing in front of a theatre audience.

Nicki Marron - Rachel’s older sister, a very talented singer who has taken a back seat to her sister’s rising star. Quiet type but attractive. Must be a very strong singer. Nicki must have a very soulful, gospel-tinged voice. She sings ballads in the show and so should have a warm resonance, excellent pitch and an ability to riff.

Bill Devaney - Rachel Marron's long-standing Manager/Guardian Angel. He has looked after her from the start and runs her life. A kind and loyal man who always has Rachel’s best interests at heart.

Tony - Rachel Marron's security, broad shoulders, narrow hips, classic bouncer physique. He is fiercely protective of Rachel and would do anything for her. A kind man.

Sy Spector - Rachel's publicist, deeply ambitious and doesn't suffer fools or indeed anyone who isn't doing exactly what he wants. His belief is that the whole Oscar nomination for Rachel is because of his hard work and his alone! He believes he is her driving force.

Stalker - Rachel Marron's stalker, military type, weird, outcast; should be able to sing comfortably in a tenor range; has one featured solo vocal line.

Ray Court - An experienced and knowledgeable CIA Agent; tall, attractive and professional. Lithe and athletic build. Not unlike Frank Farmer. Should be able to sing in a karaoke vein in the same way as Frank does. Advanced singing skills not required.

Fletcher - Rachel Marron's son; should be a strong boy singer with an innate knowledge of pop/soul idiom. Early Michael Jackson should be used as a reference. Must be able to sing.

Ensemble - Seeking STRONG DANCERS who sing.


The Garden Theatre strongly encourages performers of all ethnicities, and gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Stipends for Actors 18+ begin at $1000. Stipends for actors under age 18 begin at $250.

All Performers MUST have own housing and transportation.


For inquiries, please contact:

Evan Valle - Company Manager
407-877-4736 ext 207

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