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Video submission option is for non-dancer roles only!
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Video submissions will be accepted for the following non-dancer roles only. Please read the requirements carefully.
Video submissions should be received by Friday, February 22, 2019.

Please submit a 16-bar cut of an 80s up-tempo pop song. Not all roles are featured singers. Also, submit a brief 30-60 second monologue (no Shakespeare please).

NICK (Late 20’s) Confident, intelligent, playful, and brash, the heir to a steel dynasty, with a winning swagger that belies a genuine desire to help his workers, capable of falling deeply in love, strong singer, with good pop sensibility, high baritone with solid Gs, and able to float a mixed/head voice. Sings “Justice,” “Here and Now,” and “Enough.”

HARRY (40s-60s) Worn-down, gruff, curmudgeonly (but truly warm-hearted) owner of the bar, a working-class Pittsburgh man trying to stay afloat in a tough economy, baritone. Does not need to be a great singer.

JIMMY (20s) An aspiring stand-up comic marking time working at Harry’s while waiting for the big break, is full of energy and drive, strong singer (think a young Billy Joel), high baritenor, must have solid pop Gs, but also strong low register (low Bb). Sings “Where I Belong.”

HANNAH (50-70) Seasoned show biz vet with a great sense of humor and down-to-earth, take-no-prisoners point of view, physically in decline with an undimmed passion for dance, background in dance, traditional musical theater character belt. Does not dance but should be able to carry herself like a dancer. Sings “A Million to One.”

LOUISE (30s-50s) Nurse and home aid for Hannah, deadpan sensibility, is excellent at her job and devoted to her client despite her dry humor, alto. Sings in the ensemble.

C.C. (30s-40s) The sleazy proprietor of The Chameleon Club. Strong singer. Sings “Gloria,” and “Chameleon.”


Non-union performers are paid a stipend of $1,000. AEA performers will work under a Tier 3 New York Guest Artist contract.

Must have local housing and transportation.

Callbacks will be held on Wednesday March 20, 2019 by INVITATION ONLY.


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Debbie Sansing / Company Manager

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