Garden Theatre
A Bronx Tale Audition Submissions

- Headshot
- Resume
- A self-taped recording of a 32 bar cut of a song in the style of the show
- A one minute monologue.
- Dance reel if available.

Callbacks are by invitation only and will take place in-person at Garden Theatre Sunday, June 26 through Tuesday, June 28.


Seeking non-union actors. Please submit a headshot, resume and a self-taped recording of a 32-bar cut of a musical theatre song in the style of the show and a one minute monologue of your choice to Auditions Manager no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 16. Please submit a dance reel, if available.


CALOGERO Male-Identifying, 18+ to play teenager, Italian American. A likable Italian-American teenager. He steps in and out of narrating the show. Excellent singer (tenor or very high baritone, with a flair for '60s rock-and-roll) who moves well.

SONNY Male-Identifying, 40-55, Italian American. The number one man in the neighborhood. He’s the leader of the wise guys. Powerful and charismatic. Strong singer; full voice to G above middle C a plus, should be “at home” singing in the styles of Frank Sinatra/Tony Bennett/Dean Martin/Bobby Darin.

LORENZO Male-Identifying, 40-55, Italian American. Calogero’s father. Strong and sympathetic. He works as a bus driver. Excellent tenor or high baritone; ability to express honest emotion while singing more important than vocal fireworks.

YOUNG CALOGERO Male-Identifying, 7-11, to play 9 years old. Italian American. Calogero’s younger self. Excellent singer who moves very well.

ROSINA Female-Identifying, 40-55, Italian American. Calogero’s mother. Sensible and beautiful. Strong singer; warm mezzo or alto voice preferred.

JANE Female-Identifying, 18+ to play 17, Black. Calogero falls in love with her. Striking and smart. Excellent singer who moves well.

JESSE AND TYRONE Male-Identifying, 18-25, Black. Tyrone is Jane’s brother and his friend Jesse. Excellent singers; tenors (high C). Excellent dancers.

DENISE AND FRIEDA Female-Identifying, 18+ to play teenagers, Black. Jane’s Friends. Excellent singers/dancers.

MALE ENSEMBLE Male-Identifying, 40’s-50’s. All are versatile men to play Sonny’s wise-guys as well as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood; looking for unique, authentic characters with strong voices and comedic chops; at least one must be a true bass-baritone and one should be a Sinatra/Bennett/Martin/Darin “song stylist”; must move well.

DOO-WOP MALE ENSEMBLE Male-Identifying, 20’s-early 30’s. Calogero’s best friends; also double as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood; excellent dancers and singers E (at least one must be a true bass-baritone; at least one must have a thrilling doo-wop falsetto; one must be a top-quality lead vocalist; and all must be capable of performing tricky close-harmony arrangements).


The Garden Theatre strongly encourages performers of all ethnicities, and gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Stipends for Actors under 18 begin at $100/wk.
Stipends for Actors over 18 begin at $200/wk.

All Performers MUST have their own housing and transportation.


For inquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Elliott / Interim Company Manager

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